About us

R&R Shotblasting

Mission & Vision

We have the facilities to blast multiple components large or small to the very best
standards in the shortest possible times
Utilising both large automatic machines and manual blast cabinets means
we can accommodate almost any size or quantity.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

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We manufacture various precision castings, some of these require specific surface finishing. When our production increased this proved to be a huge bottleneck in our output. We were luck enough to have found R&R who utilise the same Tumblast machinery as ourselves, this has allowed our throughput to increase significantly. We now consider R&R part of our production schedule and cannot recommend them highly enough Colin (Foundry)

R&R do all of the Blasting that we need. Some items are very large and really awkward, but they have never missed a delivery date and the quality is second to none. Roger (Metal Fabrications)


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The Works We Did


Here we have a small selection of our previous work, as you can see our guys are the best at what they do and you can trust us with your project.

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